The Effects of The Different Cooking Methods on the Nutritional Profile of Potatoes

In itself, the potato could be a virtual powerhouse of nutrients, speech act high levels of such vital nutrients because the terribly protecting antioxidant, the blood-forming iron and therefore the energy-releasing B vitamins. Potatoes conjointly contain phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, folate, B and B. These vitamins and minerals square measure accompanied  with dietary fiber and antioxidants that work along to nourish, protect, cleanse and heal the body.

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It is unfortunate, then, that such wonderful organic process profile is spoiled by subjecting the potatoes to cookery ways that either strip away the healthy nutrients or add unhealthy substances. Is it hardly ever the case that potatoes square measure deep deep-fried and preserved too generously? Or they'll be baked, alright, however flat-top with an excessive amount of cream or cheese.

It is so vital to grasp the results of the various cookery ways on the organic process profile of potatoes in order that we are able to get the foremost out of those terribly healthy vegetables.

First and foremost, it's vital to grasp that there's no means we are able to consume raw potatoes. The starch in raw potatoes merely can not be digestible by the bod. Thus, potatoes need to be either poached, baked or deep-fried. Realize, too, that every preparation methodology ends up in some loss of nutrients. a number of the proteins and dietary fiber, as an example, is lost thanks to either activity of nutrients into the water throughout boiling, activity into the oil throughout cooking or denaturation of the proteins by heat or chemical oxidization.

In everyday do-it-yourself meals, boiling is that the most typical preparation methodology being used. This methodology causes a major loss of vitamin C or antioxidant, particularly once the potatoes square measure raw before boiling. a number of the opposite nutrients conjointly leach into the water. you'll be able to higher preserve the nutrients in potatoes by simply feat the skin alone as antioxidant abounds within the skin and within the flesh simply at a lower place the skin.

The obvious benefits with boiling is that there's less salt used and nearly no fat is supplementary, unless the poached potato is later fancy with fatty toppings.

Baking is another common preparation methodology being employed in each do-it-yourself and industrial potato dishes. as a result of baking involves higher temperatures than boiling, it ends up in higher losses of the heat-labile antioxidant. A comforting thought of baking, however, is that it ends up in smaller losses of the opposite heat-resistant nutrients as there's no water into that these nutrients will leach. As in boiling, preservation of nutrients is accomplished additional by keeping the skin on.

The draw back to baking is that a lot of tater dishes square measure supplementary with an excessive amount of cheese or milk that load the body with saturated fats. Here's what you'll be able to do--bake healthier dishes by mistreatment milk and cheese.

Frying is maybe the foremost common cookery methodology used in industrial potato dishes like potato chips and tater. Of all the cookery ways, cooking is that the one which ends up within the most important loss of nutrients. Even short durations of cooking subject the potatoes to temperatures of regarding 350 degrees F that denatures a number of the proteins and destroys antioxidant. additionally, cooking causes a lot of of the opposite nutrients to leach into the oil. there's conjointly the key concern of an excessive amount of fat and salt.

It appears, then, that boiling and baking square measure the healthier cookery ways to use and cooking is that the most unhealthy one. It conjointly helps to minimize the salt and simply add additional flavor by mistreatment additional herbs and spices instead. As for the priority on fats, you'll be able to use low-fat styles of milk and cheese or yoghourt and use healthier oils like oil.

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